Sunday, April 23, 2017

Swift Epic 480

Just finished this Epic 480 Nude for Mark at Alternative Tackle in the Uk. This understated build features my radiused style downsliding signature seat with a gorgeous walnut insert, nickel silver black agate and classic snake guides, a super polished nickel silver minimalistic winding check and classy strap&ring hook keeper. Handle is a modified cigar shape with a bit of flare that offers great support and a bit slimmer is comfortable casting all day. I did test cast this rod on grass and feels really sweet. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sage One

Another Sage I've finished recently. For some folks, the One might be the only one. 

Features a unique two-tone amboyna spacer that is actually finished in epoxy rod finish. Something I will do more in the future. The rest is just "standard" Sage with my utmost attention to details. 

This thing is built to last. Thanks for looking and Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Steffen 7'9" 3/4wt.

Here's a sweet Steffen rod I built for my friend Liviu at Fly Fishing Romania. It's very neat that Liviu and his wife Smaranda are also making maybe the finest amadou (and also most expensive) there is in the industry. They were very kind to offer me one and I can't wait to test it this season when the dry fly action begins.

The rod was finished just in time for the fly fishing event that took place in Germany, Europe's largest flyfishing expo (EWF). Liviu told me the rod made some "buzz" and folks were delighted with it. 

This rod is built in my heirloom grade fit & finish, with the best of everything. I hope it will be fished for many seasons and will be much enjoyed by the "Fly Fishing Romania" crew & clients (including their lovely daughter Cezara when she will be bigger). Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sage ESN

Here's another Sage ESN 10' #2 I finished recently. Have two more blanks on hand that need to be finished for this season's fishing. I haven't yet seen the new black ESN series but heard they are sweet.

This build here is my classic grade, clean build as always, looks sharp and will last a long time. I came across a new epoxy formula recently that's supposed to be less toxic but I still use my old one for the inscription work. 

Here's how this build stands out. Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Bannister glass

Recently I have been contacted by Luke Bannister, the famous bamboo rodbuilder in the UK, to build a rod on his new glass blank design, made by CTS in New Zealand. 

This 7' 4wt. has one of the quickest action I've seen in glass so far. The rod is a clean build overall with light cinnamon wraps tipped darker and black hardware. Reel seat is birds eye maple wood with Lemke uplock hardware. 

The rod was also treated with a gorgeous handmade leather case and the combo is really neat.

This rod will become available on Luke's website soon and I look forward to building more of these cinnamon blanks in the future.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hanak Competition 396

Here's a unique project on an exclusive blank I received from Frantisek Hanak in Czech Republic. This was a special occasion as they don't sell blanks to the general public. 

It's been a while since I last built a rod with single foot guides but folks say they are better for short line euro nymphing techniques. I can't argue with anyone but I'm a snake guides guy in general. 

This rod has a very nice color scheme in chestnut wraps over light brown blank, local walnut wood insert and beautiful wooden check turned in shop transitioning from cork to blank. A gorgeous leather case was crafted to fit in this color scheme. 

This is a a truly great light stick for nymphing and some big river dry fly action. Heirloom quality grade.

Thanks for looking!